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By Allah, when the Faqr e Ghayyur awakens in the youth and the eagles of Iqbal rise to give azaan and implement it with passion, sincerity and Ishq, this Pak Sarzameen will rise in ONE night!! This may seem a fantasy to the skeptical and to those in doubt but this destiny is a reality to the Mard e Azaad who has Nigah buland, sukhan dilnawaz and Jaan pur suz! The time for this idea has come! Allahu Akbar!

Reasons why I support and love Syed Zaid Hamid sahib.

If you heart is alive, Iqbal’s soul shaking azaan will ignite your Qalb and Nigah! In the coming tests and trials, our most strongest weapon would be our faith ad ideology ! The time to know Iqbal is now. Hear his azaan and open your hearts and souls as now very soon you will be called to duty!
Do you know that in the last 3 days, over 40 soldiers and officers of Pakistani armed forces have died bravely defending Medina e Sani against Indian backed Kharji Takfiris TTP terrorists attacking from Afghanistan! While we remain busy in our daily lives, our brave sons and brothers are fighting and dying with honor and dignity to keep us protected. Never ever betray them! Our solute to our sons


Alhamdolillah our azaan is now reaching the ears of some of the most powerful men in the region. InshAllah, The khair and barakah Allah will bring from this would benefit the entire Ummah and humanity which is fighting for justice and peace in the world. Enemy wants to divide the Ummah on geography, castes, ethnicity, sects and languages! InshAllah, our duty is to unite the Ummah!
Alhamdolillah, this was our most powerful azaan on a global forum within the anti-Israeli, anti-zionist thinkers, activists and politicians of the world. The state terrorism of India, US and Israel was exposed powerfully and the new sinister "great game" of changing the geography of Muslim lands was exposed by us! We met many global players and Pakistan’s point of view was powerfully projected! alhamdolillah!

Syed Zaid Hamid in Tehran peace conference in Iran held on 14th – 15th May, 2011. He met Ahmadi Nejad the President of Iran there and many other ministers also and discussed several issues with them MashaAllah. Here is a clip from that conference.

This is our strategy, our policy, our vision and our duty towards Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Medina e Sani! Listen to it over and over again and absorb every word into your soul for you will be tested very soon and will be called to duty! In these times of tests and trials, you will not get many chances! You have been called to duty on information warfare front now. Do it with courage, grace and sincerity!